Yacht Design   

Yacht Design

With over 50 Years in the business, 320+ designs and an unbelievable amount to study and enjoy. From Sailing Vessels to Motor Vessels and more pick your speed.   

Naval Architecture

Highlighting Yves Marie's triumphs, innovations, challenges, and creative solutions to the complicated engineering challenges pitting nature's forces against the materials 

Boat Plans For Sale

For the DIY-er Yves-Marie has assembled a collection of boat plans designed for the home boat builder.  for those that prefer their own craftsmanship.


The life and times of a career yachtmans, designer, and friend. Walk the docks with Yves-Marie as he keeps us up to date with commentary, innovation and the world through his eyes in the way only he can.

The sailors that sail them...

"Tanton has designed some of the world’s fastest and most exotic racing yachts. This gives Tanton a most unusual perspective on design features for esoteric cruising boats.”  R. H. P.!”

“Tanton has never been accused of surrendering to convention.”  Q. W.

“Tanton has already designed five boats for me and currently designing two more. This speaks for itself.”  B.  G.